What I’m Reading 9 Feb

What I’m Reading 9 Feb

  • Seneca: Dialogues and Essays – Full of wisdom. My favourites are On the Shortness of Life, On the Tranquility of the Mind, On the Happy Life and On Anger
  • Sherman by B.H. Liddell Hart – An in-depth biography on William T.Sherman, the American general in the Civil War who fought for the Union Army. Not only does it recount his life, it also expounds upon his philosophy, his strategy, his force of personality and his failings. It goes a bit too deep into the military manoeuvres for my liking but still, many lessons on strategy to be learnt.
  • Montaigne by Stefan Zweig – A short biography written by Zweig before his suicide, it is ironic that reading Montaigne’s essays may have convinced him to do so. I read some of his essays and found Zweig’s interpretation of him to be surprisingly accurate, though I think he actually projects Montaigne as far more aloof than I read him to be.
  • Next up, more biographies – Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War, Plutarch: Lives, Abraham Lincoln and Marcus Aurelius: Meditations

The Future of Work

“A good question to ask yourself – Are computers enhancing your productivity, or are you competing against computers (in which case you’re likely to lose)” – The Knowledge Project – Thinking About Thinking with Tyler Cowen