Seeking Advice

Professionals buy from other professionals. Amateurs ask friends for advice. – Seth Godin

How true. That’s why I hardly ask people for advice and even if I do, more often than not it’s bad advice. Books, especially those that have stood the test of time, are where I find the most invaluable pieces of wisdom.

My daily routine

My daily routine:

-wake up at 7
-eat breakfast
-daily dose of feedly (blogs that I follow)
-writing (I find that typing on my phone works better than at my keyboard)
-change my Daughter out of her nightclothes
-drive to work (bbc on the radio)
-reach office and start clearing my inbox etc
-lunch and some lunchtime writing
-back to work and meetings
-commute back home (podcast;right now it’s the moment with Brian Koppelman)
– Catch up with my Wife
-Relaxing with a book(Reading Seneca’s Essays now)
-Back to bed by about 11

The Great Feedly

  • I know I’m late to the game but Feedly is great!
  • Halfway through The Moment podcast; some great takeaways between Brian Koppelman and Seth Godin including dealing with “the monkey of self-doubt”, hard work vs talent and just doing the work.
  • The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary- the ever charming Nassim Taleb
  • I know for me I was dead broke when I finally realized that self-worth leads to more net worth. – James Altucher

The Most Important Aspect of Writing

Having something to say is actually an effective marketing tool. Who hasn’t read a book (or rather quit reading a book) where it’s transparent that the author either isn’t really into what he’s writing or he’s just trying to sell an idea, instead of writing with authority in a compelling way. That is bad marketing – Ryan Holiday

Why I moved to WordPress

I was using Jekyll and Github pages but decided to make the jump to WordPress.

    • Maintaining the code for my old website was time consuming. I didn’t want to spend more time coding than blogging
    • WordPress has more features. It allows comments, widgets, and various other useful plugins
    • Less not more options in terms of customisation meant less headache making unimportant decisions over font size, margins etc
    • I actually like writing on my phone as opposed to writing on my computer since it’s easy to reach
    • Synchronisation with ia writer resulting in less “friction” and faster publishing


Inner Scorecard

We must establish an inner model to serve as touchstone of our actions, by which we at times favour ourselves or flog ourselves. I have my own laws and law-court to pass judgment on me and I appeal to them rather than elsewhere. No one but you knows whether you are base and cruel, or loyal and dedicated. Others never see you: they surmise about you from uncertain conjectures; they do not see your nature so much as your artifice. So do not cling to their sentence: cling to your own. – Montaigne