What I’m Reading 9 Feb

What I’m Reading 9 Feb

  • Seneca: Dialogues and Essays – Full of wisdom. My favourites are On the Shortness of Life, On the Tranquility of the Mind, On the Happy Life and On Anger
  • Sherman by B.H. Liddell Hart – An in-depth biography on William T.Sherman, the American general in the Civil War who fought for the Union Army. Not only does it recount his life, it also expounds upon his philosophy, his strategy, his force of personality and his failings. It goes a bit too deep into the military manoeuvres for my liking but still, many lessons on strategy to be learnt.
  • Montaigne by Stefan Zweig – A short biography written by Zweig before his suicide, it is ironic that reading Montaigne’s essays may have convinced him to do so. I read some of his essays and found Zweig’s interpretation of him to be surprisingly accurate, though I think he actually projects Montaigne as far more aloof than I read him to be.
  • Next up, more biographies – Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War, Plutarch: Lives, Abraham Lincoln and Marcus Aurelius: Meditations

Seeking Advice

Professionals buy from other professionals. Amateurs ask friends for advice. – Seth Godin

How true. That’s why I hardly ask people for advice and even if I do, more often than not it’s bad advice. Books, especially those that have stood the test of time, are where I find the most invaluable pieces of wisdom.

My daily routine

My daily routine:

-wake up at 7
-eat breakfast
-daily dose of feedly (blogs that I follow)
-writing (I find that typing on my phone works better than at my keyboard)
-change my Daughter out of her nightclothes
-drive to work (bbc on the radio)
-reach office and start clearing my inbox etc
-lunch and some lunchtime writing
-back to work and meetings
-commute back home (podcast;right now it’s the moment with Brian Koppelman)
– Catch up with my Wife
-Relaxing with a book(Reading Seneca’s Essays now)
-Back to bed by about 11