Inbox zero

All along I’ve always been obsessively clearing my inbox. It was just a compulsive behavior that gets me – the unread email left unsorted and unfiled – would drive me absolutely bonkers.

But only now have I begun to think step back and see things more clearly. Why clear through the inbox when so much of it is pure junk? Why give others control over your time? How much time of your life is wasted doing that pointless act?

So I’m changing. I’m letting my mailbox grow again. And I’m only reading those emails that are addressed directly to me. those that I’m copied for the sake of being kept ‘in the know’ (a good rule of thumb is whether the subject header interests you) i’m reading selectively. And the rest, I just ignore!

The first day took a Herculean effort. The next few days are actually getting easier. And you know what? I think it’s for the better.

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