It is far more interesting to have a variety of interests in different domains than to be the greatest at one single thing. I have a wide spectrum of different interests from philosophy to photography to video games to football. And it’s healthy, it is what makes us different.

Even within a specific domain we should embrace the different styles. Heavy metal and classical music are on different ends of the spectrum but I can appreciate both. Nietzsche writes in the witty aphoristic style while Dostoevsky chooses to advocate his beliefs in the form of a thrilling novel. Both achieve the same tasteful and pleasurable effect.

And diversity of opinions and weighing them against each other is the best way to keep us from being pig headed or siloed into a bubble of likeminded groupthink. Consider both sides at all times.

And diversity is a healthy way of keeping balance. If our identity is so interwound with our jobs, what becomes of us after we lose them? Putting all our eggs into one basket is a terrible way to live – both mentally and financially.

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