Working Remotely

I’ve been working remotely for almost two months now. It was difficult at first. You’re so used to seeing your colleagues sitting next to you and being available for a quick “sync-up” you almost take it for granted.

Some lessons that I’ve learned along the way

  1. Get a good chair – My office uses Herman Miller chairs so I could really feel the difference working without it.
  2. Have a dedicated room – When you have a 2 year old running all over the place and clamoring for attention, it’s impossible to stay focused. Also good to have all the items you need – mouse, keyboard, laptop stand, chargers – in once place so you don’t need to keep setting up a makeshift place.
  3. Set boundaries – It’s easy to get carried away and to keep working non-stop because the lines get blurred.
  4. Get up and walk – In the office, it’s easier to do this since you have to attend physical meetings at specific locations. When you’re at home, all your meetings are at the same place. So once in a while, get up and stretch.
  5. Use a good screen sharing tool. I use Skype and it’s so much easier to discuss things with a point of reference. Don’t fall into the trap of having an illusion of agreement

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