Are your lights on?

I’m a fan of Jerry Weinberg and though he’s gone, his brilliant writings still remain.

The latest book I’ve been reading from him is a quirky one called Are your lights on?

It’s really about problems and asking the right questions- too often we jump into the solution and realise much later than the problem is really something else. I’ve been guilty of that so many times at work especially when you’re used to doing a piece of repetitive work a certain way and realise halfway through that the problem is an entirely different thing altogether.

So yes, this book is a timely reminder that before we jump headfirst into any problem, we should ask what is the problem about.

In fact, we should go further. Sometimes we should also ask is this my problem? If not, we should not solve other people’s problems for them. It just ends up in more pain for everyone.

Finally, we should ask ourselves if the problem is even worth solving at all. There are so many problems out there with either no solution or just not worth the hassle.

Once again, highly recommended.

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