GTD In Practice

Getting Things Done (or GTD) is all about actions and outcomes.

So for instance, this blog post is an outcome. Sitting in front of my laptop and typing it out is an action.

To implement the framework, I needed a tool for capturing and what better tool than my trusty “Reminders” app. I captured various ideas, errands, projects, stuff .. everything that David Allen calls an “open loop” into the app.

Next, all the stuff that I received, I clarified by asking myself if it was actionable. If yes, then I figured out what the next action is. If no, then I trashed it or put it into incubation for later.

Once I had all my open loops, I organised them into various lists named under different contexts like home, office, errands etc.

Then I reflected on all the items I had and decided, given the 4 levels of constraints (context, time, energy and priority) on which task to engage first.

It’s a damm useful framework for procrastinators like me.

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